With a brokerage like ours, your success truly matters. That's why we support our team by generating active prospects for our agents and providing them with a powerful contact management solution that helps convert these prospects into closed business.

We're very successful working with online and traditional buyers - and we enjoy working with exceptional people who understand the real estate business and love to help people buy and sell homes.

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  • Receive active buyer and seller prospects from our integrated, response-generating website that is search engine optimized with direct MLS integration
  • Know what prospects are thinking, see which ones are the most active, how often they visit and which properties, prices and neighborhoods they are interested in
  • Convert prospects into closed business with an industry-leading contact management solution with lead notification, automated follow-up, email and mobile access


Important Career Advice to Real Estate Professionals

This is a no holds barred, plain talk, straight between the eyes communiqué that at the very least will make you notice and think!

No, this isn't really a secretive, nor CLASSIFIED DISPATCH, but, believe it or not, most real estate professionals either don't know these fundamental truths or ignore them when charting their careers.

It's been said that people spend more effort planning a vacation than planning their life.

In your career, opportunities occur when you're most prepared for them. The truths laid out in this brochure will be helpful in your career planning, and could be critical to your long-term business success!

"In the past, real estate agents have been treated either as independent or dependent contractors whose only career path was to sell real estate or get out...UNTIL NOW!

"Wealth is a discipline, not a circumstance." - Gary Keller


Why Keller Williams Agents Are Successful

Top Secrets Shared


Secret Number 1

You're Actually Not Dependent Upon Your Company for Your Success

The fact is, many companies want you to THINK your success is "dependent" upon them or the "size and strength" of the "company," but that is far from the case.

A National Association of Realtors survey of consumers determined that 86% chose a real estate firm for no other reason than because of an individual agent. This fact is proven time and time again whenever an agent switches from one brokerage to the next, and "their" clients follow. YOU are the reason people do business with you and you should build your career on this fact.

At Keller Williams, you will experience interdependency where both the agent and the company gain mutually from their partnership. We believe that everyone is a valued partner with a role serving the one true customer.

At Keller Williams, we believe that real estate is a local service business driven by individual real estate agents and their local image with their centers of influence.

Your career is YOUR career!


"It's your career and you are the reason people do business with you." Mike Brodie


Secret Number 2

You Probably Don't Really Work In A Democracy

As an agent, you are totally responsible for generating revenue for the company, but probably have no authority for how money is spent. And, you probably can't help establish the key operating strategies for your office. You may even have some good ideas, but chances are they usually fall on deaf ears.

Most agents have experienced "participitative management" as no more than an opportunity to agree with what the company has already decided. Most agents have experienced brainstorming as nothing more than a discussion group that creates an illusion that management really cares about what agent thinks.

Most top producers are looking for a "Partnershipping" role. They would at least like a say in the way things are run, and why not, it is their business too. And, it could be critical to their wealth building strategy.

Keller Williams is not just a real estate company. Its Agent Leadership Council seeks to empower everyone to get involved in the decision-making process of the company.


"How can you truly manage your career if you don't have a say in running your company?" - Joe Epifanio and Patty Ancona


Secret Number 3

You May Not Be a Part of a Team

As an Agent, you may have never experienced teamwork. Working relationships that promote synergy and ultimately increase your own income may have eluded you.

Most companies give lip service to teamwork. They use "teamwork" as a slogan to get agents to build the company and to manipulate them into thinking that they will get something out of it.

The fact is that most people are in groups not teams and don't know the difference.

Teamwork is actually a high level, productivity concept that is only understood by high-minded achievers with a desire for everyone to win.

At Keller Williams, we believe that together everyone achieves more. We believe that when we partnership, we all benefit from each others success.


"The goal of effective teamwork is more than just getting along. It should improve your career options and financial opportunities." -Betsy Scheffe


Secret Number 4

Your Company Probably Doesn't Want You to See "The Books"

The fact is, they may not want to see where the money is going, or they may not be too proud of them. The bottom line is, most companies don't think you have a right to see the books. Besides, they don't believe there is any legitimate reason for you to see them.

You see, at Keller Williams the books are open, and both examination and involvement are encouraged. There are no "financial secrets."

The fact is that in the last 12 months Keller Williams paid out millions of dollars in profit sharing to its associates. The books are open to empower its associates to understand the business and make suggestions for its improvement.

At Keller Williams, our associates may not be shareholders, but they are definitely stakeholders!


"Until we joined Keller Williams, we never knew we had a right to look at the books and make suggestions to the company that would benefit everyone. We feel empowered to contribute." - Gary and Nikki Ubaldini


Secret Number 5

You May Only Be as Good as Your Last Deal

Your company probably isn't looking out for your future. Even though they know your income may not go beyond your last deal, they more than likely don't accept any responsibility for finding a long term solution. Most haven't even seriously considered the issues of retirement-type income or exit strategies.

They're mostly focused on your contribution to today's company dollar. In fact, they may think it's in their best interest to keep you producing for them for as many years as they can. By the way, when was the last time that someone in your company talked to you about your long term financial planning and wealth building strategy?

Keller Williams has, over the past 10 years, proven system that enables its participating associates to build their income portfolio. Since the system works but has not been copied, one can only assume that no one else cares. Keller Williams stands alone as the only real estate company of consequence to address these issues.


"Ten years ago, I believed in Gary Keller more than the system. In the last 12 months, Keller Williams has paid me over $100,000 whether I sold a house or not. Today, I believe in the system." - Althea Osborn


Secret Number 6

You're Not Really Sharing in Your Company's Growth

Most companies make the issue of company profitability an agent issue but offer them no reason why it should be.

If the company you are with is profitable and growing, what do you get? Many agents through their own influence and personal advocacy have contributed substantially to their company's growth and have never been compensated for their contributions. They basically have been taken for granted.

Financial wealth building at its best is a cooperative enterprise. It requires both the company's and associate's mutual effort to maximize the rewards. That is how the Keller Williams profit sharing system is designed.

And, our numbers speak for themselves. The Keller Williams growth path is proven with both earned commissions and profit sharing doubling every two years. In order to build financial wealth you have to get in the middle of cash flow. When you do that at Keller Williams, the rewards can be substantial.

Where's your company going? Are you going with it?


"I used to think that in a company there were only shareholders and stakeholders. With Keller Williams I realize that I am a stakeholder with rights and opportunities." - Mary Harker


Secret Number 7

Your "Split" May Not Be as Good as You Think

It's not what you pay your company it's what you get for what you pay. It's not what you gross or even spend, it's what you net. But, you can't grow business or a career by cutting expenses. You can only be more efficient. At some point you'll have to invest money if you want to grow.

Ask yourself this question, "Do you really need all the stuff companies claim to provide?" "Does that stuff promote you or the company?" And, here's an even better question, "What is effective help really worth?" Even if you're at a 100% company, you know you don't take home 100%. You have to pay your desk fees, maintenance, bill backs and other costs every month whether you take home money or not. By the way, stuff is stuff and you can get it anywhere.

At Keller Williams, you can truly be a "100%"agent, you can actually take home more than the commission you earn. It is the "best career compensation program" you can find!


"Profit sharing is the only truly credible way to be a 100%+ agent." - Brad Reeser


Secret Number 8

You're Not Really an Independent Contractor

The fact is, most companies are designed so that you really work for the company, are even essentially treated as an employee.

Most agents really don't have a say in how their company operates. The issue isn't about telling you what you can or can't do. It's that there are discussions being made daily in your company that could dramatically affect your career! You may not even be aware of or involved in these discussions or decisions.

Even at the most supposedly agent-oriented companies, you may find oppressive practices. The company may even restrict the use of your own name in promotions or require a dominant use of theirs. They may restrict the structure or compensation of your personal sales team. They may even restrict your income paths to strictly sales and direct all other financial opportunities toward the company. The fact is that you may not even be an independent contractor, you may be a dependent contractor.

At Keller Williams, we believe you want to be in an interdependent relationship where the company provides a clear path for you to build your own business career within the company and where there are income opportunities within the company that are available to everyone.


"To be a truly independent contractor you have to have the opportunity to be involved in all key decisions. I have found only one company that allows that - Keller Williams Realty!" - Peggy Richey


Secret Number 9

You're Probably Building Wealth for Others

If you are not careful, every time you put a sale together, place a sign, advertise a property, or close an escrow, you could actually be building the company's business more than your own.

Most companies secretly would like to charge you even more money and are always looking for ways to control or own a relationship with your customer. This may be particularly true of several of the national franchise systems. In fact, the royalties you pay just may be funding your own demise.

Companies whose training focuses on the company image and whose promotions focus on attracting the customers to themselves are actually trying to build their own business, not yours. Is that in your best interest?

At Keller Williams, we believe the company is best served by building the agent's career first and putting the agent's image ahead of the company's.


"The reason you get into real estate is to build your own career and income opportunities. Anything a company might do that is contrary to this, is not in your best interest." - Mike Mendoza


Secret Number 10

Your Company's Training May Not Be Designed for You

The fact is that most company's training is geared toward mediocrity. Many companies are out of touch with what top aspiring agents need to compete effectively in today's market. Most are not keeping pace with what top mega agents are learning and sharing in the industry. And, sadly, complete business career training of their agents because they have no business opportunity for them, thus, fearing eventually they will lose them.

Most training in the industry - is usually inconsistent, ill-planned and targeted to the new agents. It usually relies on old-fashioned selling techniques and not modern business concepts.

Keller Williams believes so strongly in agent career, business and life training that Keller Williams University was formed as a tangible extension of the company's ongoing commitment to the agent's learning and growth. These educational programs are focused on the personal productivity, sales skills, and career development of our people.


"Training is not a waste of time! No matter where we are at in our careers, we can find a Keller Williams University session to improve our opportunities." - Jim and Linda McKissack


Secret Number 11

Who You Are in Business with Really Does Matter

The fact is, agents are faced with serious business issues and no one has really taken the challenge of helping them meet them. You've probably already sensed this.

The Dilemma you face today as an agent is, "Who is on my side?" More than any other time in history, these are issues that must be resolved. In this industry today, where is the "agent's rights" organization? Who is really studying the business trends and developing methods for agents to deal with them? What company is researching solutions that might provide opportunities for the agent?

  • Internet Solutions
  • Referral Solutions
  • Image Solutions
  • Income Solutions
  • Career Solutions

Your company may either be funding the career path you want or the career path someone else wants for you. Do you know which it is?

Keller Williams believes that in reality, who you pay your money to is a vote for the direction you want your industry and career to go.


"I've finally found a company that is on my side. It's staying at the forefront of the changes and finding answers that benefit me." - Ron Kubek


Secret Number 12

They Don't Want You to Discover Keller Williams Realty

As with all businesses, the real estate business is experiencing massive change. The trends are clear. Successful companies will treat their people as stakeholders, give them a say in the company, and will share the profits.

Most real estate company owners know about Keller Williams, its innovative strategies and its nationwide growth. Some have even talked about changes to their company to meet this new competitive force. Most discover that they can't! They are boxed in by their past thinking and business decisions. Therefore, they would prefer you not to find out about superior training, consulting, leverage, profit sharing, agent leadership, and the team environment at Keller Williams.

Most people find a time in their lives where the place they currently are is no longer working for them. They have grown beyond it. It's just time for a change. Sometimes the secret of success is what you decide to leave behind!


"We can't believe how much better our life is now that we're part of Keller Williams. We're so glad we had the courage to do it!" - Joe and Mary Charters


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No Secrets

"The real estate industry isn't the same as it was when I first built my real estate company. Since the Internet Age has arrived, Keller Williams has made it possible for the next generation of real estate professionals to have more information at their fingertips that allows them to make knowledgeable decisions that will impact their careers."
- Mo Anderson, Keller Williams Realty CEO and President

"Financial wealth building is an important life discipline. A discipline that is possible for anyone to achieve. But the true purpose of business isn't money; it's having a working mission. At Keller Williams our mission, one we think about everyday, is to simply help people build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living."
- Gary Keller, Keller Williams Realty Founder and Chairman

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